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About Us

We are Pastry Artisans, we are Bartenders, We are Chefs. And we love our job.

Cartabianca Cafè

Cartabianca Cafè is a coffee shop with artisanal Pastry and Cuisine. We love simple old flavours, which we adapt to changes, offering an open and vibrant place where you can enjoy a special experience.

All made by our hands

Our products are handcrafted, we select ingredients and raw materials carefully.

Old flavours meet new flavours

Our cuisine respects tradition and food culture, linking them to the contemporary times.

The frame? It’s up to us

White is our signature, as it represents the perfect frame for each of your colors.

You make your wishes

Our biggest challenge is listening to your wishes and realize them, making your special moment unique.


Average number of coffee shop products prepared every day


Average number of small pastries sold on average every day


Average number of lunches served on average every day


New smiles every day

About Us

Cartabianca at “Viola nel Cuore” October 6th 2017
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Radio Bruno

CartabiancaCafè: taste and design live together in perfect harmony.
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Guida ai Sapori e Piaceri della Toscana

CartabiancaCafè: excellent food in a futuristic design space
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La Repubblica Firenze

Special Restaurant Insert - Cartabianca starting today...
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La Repubblica Firenze

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